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Author: Ryan Green

Foreign Objects in Food: Who is Liable for Consumer Injuries?

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We’ve all heard a story about someone who is injured or becomes sick because they found something in their food that shouldn’t be there. But when it comes to liability, does it matter whether the injury-causing ingredient is a foreign object, or if it’s a natural part of the product? In Estate of Pinkham v…. Read more »

Does Emotional Distress Constitute a Bodily Injury?

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

In August of 2002, nineteen-month old Daisy Ryder was tragically killed while exiting a parked car when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Both her mother and two-and-a-half year old brother witnessed the accident. Following her death, Daisy’s parents (the Ryders) filed suit against the driver of the vehicle. In their complaint the Ryders… Read more »

Maine Wrongful Death & Survival Statutes

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Historically, when someone died few remedies were available to the loved ones left behind. Thankfully Maine, like many other states, changed this rule by enacting Death and Survival Statutes. In Maine we have both a Wrongful Death and a Survival statute, and although both are triggered by death, Wrongful Death claims and Survival claims are… Read more »