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How Long Should Kids Be in Rear-Facing Car Seats?

Toddlers playing with cars

When it comes to child passenger safety, car seats for infants, babies, and children is a priority for all parents. Fussing with your baby and buckling them in their rear-facing car seat can be frustrating, particularly on those icy cold, Maine winter mornings. Infants and babies especially do not like to lose sight of their… Read more »

What Should I Do After an Uber Car Accident

uber car accident

For passengers, it’s important to know what to do if you are ever involved in an Uber car accident. What recourse do you have if it should happen? It’s something few think of when they pull their smartphone out on Saturday night to hail a driver. Within a matter of minutes, that driver appears, greetings… Read more »

Sidney Woman Killed in Head-On Collision

car accident on highway with ambulance

A head-on accident on West River Road took the life of a 47-year-old Sidney woman the night of June 15. Laurie Garland was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, after her vehicle crossed the center line of West River Road and collided head-on with a vehicle containing two juveniles. Both of the juveniles… Read more »

Researchers Identify Biggest Distracted Driving Risks

teens texting and driving

The problem of distracted driving has become a common concern among law enforcement and motorists alike. Now, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have identified the most dangerous culprits in distracted driving accidents and other factors that can increase a driver’s chances of a crash. The hope is that by determining the riskiest distractions, steps can… Read more »

Driver of Hit-and-Run in Fairfield Arrested

car accident

A hit-and-run accident involving four vehicles in Fairfield ended in the arrest of a woman who was found hiding in a neighboring town. The woman, who has since been released from the Fairfield Police Department on unsecured bail, was a transient driving without a license at the time of the crash. Melinda Caven, 31, was… Read more »

Driver Flees One Accident, is Seriously Injured in Second Crash

car flipped over

A Portland man suffered serious injuries after his involvement in two accidents on Friday, September 4. After fleeing the scene of the first accident, the driver was then involved in a one-car rollover accident that sent him to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The second accident closed the highway for approximately three hours while police investigated… Read more »

Portsmouth Rollover Accident Results in Fatality

car flipped over

A rollover accident in Portsmouth took the life of one individual and serious injured another. The single-car crash involved an SUV that rolled several times after the driver attempted to regain control of the vehicle. The deadly crash occurred on northbound I-95 in Portsmouth on September 1. Crash occurred in middle of afternoon Officers were called… Read more »

Maine Motorcycle Fatalities Reach Record Highs By August

motorcycle accident

Recently released statistics show that motorcycle fatalities in the state of Maine had reached record highs by early August, with a total of 17 deaths as a result of motorcycle crashes between Jan. 1 and Aug. 3, 2015. Four of those fatalities occurred in the first week of August (with two additional car crash deaths also… Read more »

Use of Sleeping Pills Boosts Car Crash Dangers, Research Reveals

Car slipping on black ice

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington, commonly prescribed sleeping pills including Ambien, Restoril and Desyrel can actually double the car accident risk among those just starting to use the drugs as compared to drivers who do not take such medications. The research showed that the elevated risk can… Read more »