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Tag: cervical spine injury

Research Findings Offer Hope to Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Victims

spinal cord injury

In a potentially groundbreaking development, researchers have identified a heretofore unknown, yet extremely helpful immune response which occurs following an injury to the body’s central nervous system. If it becomes possible to harness and regulate this immune response, doctors may have the ability to design innovative and significantly more effective treatments for spinal cord and… Read more »

Tips For A Safe and Fun Fourth of July

product liability lawyer

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is just around the corner, and the personal injury attorneys of Hardy, Wolf and Downing want you and your family to enjoy a fun filled and relaxing holiday cooking out, swimming and watching fireworks with friends and loved ones.  We hope the following tips for a safe and fun Fourth… Read more »

Automobile Accidents and Cervicogenic (CEH) Headaches

traumatic brain injury lawyer Maine

Cervicogenic (CEH) headaches are defined as headaches caused by pain referred from the neck. Although cervicogenic headaches sometimes mimic symptoms of tension, migraine or cluster headaches,  their origins, causative factors and treatment are distinctly different. ‘Cervicogenic’ is a term that refers to the cervical area of the spine, which is located near the base of… Read more »