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Tag: Preparing for Winter in Maine

7 Injured During Maine Ski Lift Malfunction at Sugarloaf Mountain

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Seven people were injured and about 200 had to be rescued from a malfunctioning ski lift at Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain late in March. According to a Sugarloaf representative, the King Pine ski lift inexplicably halted while in operation and then began going backward. One witness to the accident told ABC News, “We heard people screaming…… Read more »

Black Ice Causes Multiple Accidents on Maine Turnpike

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Black ice brought traffic to a standstill on the Maine Turnpike Sunday evening.  During the daylight hours,  the roads remained relatively safe.  But between 5 and 5:30 pm,  the sun began to set and conditions changed drastically.  Around 5 pm, a tractor-trailer jackknifed across the northbound lanes of traffic, between Falmouth and Gray, forcing Maine… Read more »

Winter Driving in Maine – Leave Sooner, Drive Slower, Live Longer

Car slipping on black ice

Maine winters are known the world over for their breathtaking beauty.  They bring to mind images of pristine winter woods,  sparkling snow and cozy nights snuggled by the fire. But as the weather gets colder and the nights longer,  Maine residents must also remember the treacherous side of Old Man Winter,  and prepare themselves for… Read more »