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Tag: rear end collision

Christmas Volunteer Killed in Waterville Wagon Accident

Car accident

The annual Central Maine Family Christmas Dinner went from joyous to somber this year after a tragic accident claimed the life of 56-year-old Kathy Marciarille two days after Christmas. Marciarille, who was a volunteer for the event, fell from a horse-drawn wagon and was struck by a vehicle that was closely following the wagon. The… Read more »

CDC Reports that 4.2% of Drivers are Dangerously Drowsy

fast moving traffic on major highway

Research suggests that drivers severely lacking sleep may be a serious hazard to the road. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study revealing that as many as 7,500 fatal car crashes occur in the U.S. each year involving drowsy driving. Results of the study are from a 2009-2010 survey conducted by… Read more »