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Famous People Who Have Had Brain Trauma

Famous People Who Have Had Brain Trauma

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen to anyone, from an internationally acclaimed author to the President of the United States. Learn more about TBI and some of the famous people who have experienced brain trauma below.  If you are in need of a traumatic brain injury lawyer that will fight for you, contact us today!

Pedestrian Safety Risks Analyzed at NTSB Forum

Pedestrian Walk Sign

Government officials at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a public forum in Washington D.C. to discuss methods of improving pedestrian safety, as state and federal data shows pedestrian injuries and deaths have continued to increase in recent years. The forum, held on May 10 2016, featured four panels, each of which looked at… Read more »

Lowe’s Loses Slip and Fall Lawsuit, Ordered to Pay $16 Million

medical malpractice lawyer speaking to jury

In mid-April, a Nevada jury awarded a Lowe’s customer more than $16 million for a permanent head injury suffered at the store. Her lawyers hope that the decision will sway the hardware chain to reevaluate its safety practices. In 2013, Kelly Hendrickson, 42, slipped and fell in the water and garden department while browsing for a palm… Read more »

Long-Term Complications Tied to Early Childhood Brain Injury

brain with bandage

Even children who suffer a mild brain injury early in life are at risk of long-term functional impairments and learning disabilities, suggests new research published in JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers also found that a child’s home environment plays an important role in the healing and outcome of pediatric head trauma, with poorer outcomes noted in children… Read more »

Study Shows Slowing of Brain Blood Flow Following Concussion

Xray of concussion

Though still considered preliminary in nature, recent research findings suggest that patients who experience a concussion may suffer reduced blood flow to the brain even after symptoms of the trauma are deemed to have subsided. The study was unveiled early this month as part of the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, and was… Read more »

Study Questions Relevance of TBI Treatment Guidelines

traumatic brain injury lawyer Maine

Research conducted by the Los Angeles County Trauma Consortium suggests that adherence to prior guidelines for treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) do not necessarily result in better patient outcomes. The guidelines, published more than twenty years ago, have been the industry standard for medical personnel considering a craniotomy or intracranial pressure monitoring for critically injured patients…. Read more »

Feds Crack Down on Novelty Motorcycle Helmets

man on motorcycle

Serving Portland, Lewiston and Bangor, Hardy, Wolf & Downing represent victims of motorcycle crash-related injuries, ensuring that liable parties are held accountable for their actions. As leading Maine motorcycle accident lawyers who also appreciate this recreational pastime ourselves, we understand the physical, emotional and financial ramifications endured when negligence is involved. Bikers are more prone… Read more »

Maine Accident Attorneys Applaud Advances in Spinal Trauma Rehabilitation

spinal cord injuries

In a groundbreaking new study conducted by researchers working with the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, the cancer drug known as epothilone has shown remarkable effectiveness in limiting the debilitating growth of scar tissue in spinal injury patients while promoting the development of cellular microtubules – which help repair the damaged neural axon tips which… Read more »

Research Findings Offer Hope to Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Victims

spinal cord injury

In a potentially groundbreaking development, researchers have identified a heretofore unknown, yet extremely helpful immune response which occurs following an injury to the body’s central nervous system. If it becomes possible to harness and regulate this immune response, doctors may have the ability to design innovative and significantly more effective treatments for spinal cord and… Read more »

Studies Reveal Progesterone Doesn’t Help Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

brain with bandage

Results of two recent studies imply that progesterone does not help patients recover from a traumatic brain injury ─ although prior findings concluded the hormone was an effective treatment method. The findings from the studies are published in the latest issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. Both studies compared the difference between administering… Read more »