If you have experienced serious personal injuries or the death of a loved one because of a rollover accident, you need the help of a seasoned lawyer and a whole team of experts committed to being your advocates.

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Common Rollover Scenarios and Causes

Rollover accidents can occur for different reasons.

Here are a few examples of how a vehicle rollover crash can occur:

A driver overcorrects his vehicle. If, for example, a driver tries to avoid an obstruction in the road or oncoming traffic by jerking the steering wheel too forcefully, he/she can send their vehicle dramatically sideways, causing the car, van or SUV to flip.

A driver veers off the road. This can happen when a driver falls asleep at the wheel or becomes distracted.

A driver’s tires fail. Tire tread defects, poor stability control, inadequate brakes or a poorly designed suspension system can be culprits here.

A driver hits a “trip.”A “trip” is any obstruction, such as a tree, ditch, guardrail, median, or uneven ground.

A driver’s vehicle is weighed down.  A car with a lot of luggage on its roof is more susceptible to turning over.

A driver is aggressively driving or subject to someone else’s aggressive driving. Reckless and/or high-speed driving can bring on a rollover accident.

Liability for Vehicle Rollover Accidents in Maine

Determining who is responsible for a vehicle rollover in Maine is a tricky and delicate matter, which is why only the best car accident lawyer will do. Several factors require careful consideration:

Questions to ask in the aftermath of a vehicle rollover accident are:

  • What were the weather and road conditions?
  • Was driver error at play, and if so, how?
  • What caused the vehicle to lose traction and stability?
  • What injuries occurred, and were they the direct result of the rollover?

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