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Construction Accidents

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Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Claims

In Maine, the workers’ compensation system covers medical care and lost wages and benefits, but these claims don’t cover damages like pain and suffering. If you were injured during a construction or worksite accident while on the job, you may not realize that you are eligible for claims against a third party if they were involved in any negligence that caused your injury. For example, if someone other than your employer or another employee was responsible for the setup of important safety equipment, or maintenance of a machine that failed, or you were injured by someone’s actions who isn’t part of your company, you may not be limited to workers’ compensation benefits.

That’s where an experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in determining if you have an additional claim. Your third-party claim against a party that is not your employer can often provide a more substantial recovery than workers’ compensation benefits and may provide for you beyond the statutory requirements.

Construction sites are an all too often source for serious injuries to Mainers. The very nature of excavation, temporary scaffolding, and working at heights means that a simple failure can result in a catastrophic injury. When construction and worksite accidents happen, one of your first calls should be to a personal injury attorney.

Wrongful Death Claims

Was your loved one killed in a workplace or construction accident? The death of a loved one from an accident on a construction site or workplace is devastating. While you are working on picking up the pieces from your loved one’s death, the insurance companies are doing everything in their power to protect their profits. Having a law firm experienced with workplace accidents and serious personal injury claims on your side is essential. Call us at Hardy, Wolf & Downing to review your claim with our free initial consultation. Contacting our firm as soon as possible can help protect your rights. Let us be by your side throughout the process.

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