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Maine Car Accident Lawyers Explain the Hands-Free Law

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The latest Maine cellphone laws and hands-free law went into effect on September 19, 2019. In large part, the law was passed in an effort to reduce distracted driving accidents in the state. Although distracted driving is a problem everywhere, for Maine drivers or those driving in Maine, the issue has become a serious problem and a deadly one. The Insurance Information Institute places Maine at 13 fatalities per year per one-hundred thousand people due to distracted driving. For a state-ranked at the lower end in population and population density, it has emerged at the top of the list in distracted driving fatalities for the entire northern and eastern regions of the U.S. from Michigan eastward.


Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

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For some, wondering what to do after an accident that is not your fault, even a minor one, can be a source of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety. Even as the bills pile up, many people hesitate, feel overwhelmed by the legal process, or even feel intimidated. Others do not want to burden the system or simply do not trust it. There are still others who may hold a stereotype of a car accident attorney being sue-happy, settling for any amount at the victim’s expense. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maine’s preeminent car accident attorneys, Hardy Wolf & Downing, help their clients get the compensation they deserve for any injuries, damages, and expenses that result from a car accident.


Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Headache After a Car Accident

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Suffering headaches after a car accident may be a sign of a more severe injury. If you haven’t received medical attention yet, you should, immediately. Then, it may be time to consult with a traumatic brain injury attorney as you weigh your options. The truth is you should never ignore a headache after a car accident. The reason is simple: it is not that uncommon for headaches and other injuries to surface in the hours and days after an accident has occurred.


What Happens If Someone Hits Me and Doesn’t Have Insurance?

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The experience of a car accident is bad enough, but being in a car accident when you’re not at fault and the other driver doesn’t have insurance is a borderline nightmare scenario. It doesn’t matter that the law requires all vehicles to be insured before registration. The Insurance Research Council estimates 1 in 8 drivers nationally have no auto insurance when they hit the road. Out of 247 million drivers on American roadways, 32 million of them are driving without insurance. By the numbers, on average, across the United States, there is a 13% chance the person who hits you has no insurance. 


What are the Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents?

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Few would argue that distracted driving accidents have been a problem nationwide for years, no less so than in Maine. The truth is, Maine has a distracted driving problem, and it’s ugly. With nearly 13 fatalities per year per one-hundred thousand people on average, the Insurance Information Institute’s 2020 report places Maine not only at the top of the list in New England but the entire northern and eastern regions of the U.S. from Michigan eastward.


What’s the First Thing To Do in a Boating Accident?

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When boating accidents happen, a boating accident lawyer helps those injured ‘navigate’ the laws to pursue a personal injury claim. Boating accidents are common enough that there are specific laws written in the event that one occurs. Boating accident lawyers must have knowledge of maritime or admiralty laws where applicable, as well as the waterway laws of the state. With over 3,700 miles of coastline and 6,000 lakes and ponds, in Maine, an experienced boating accident lawyer must know each to ensure their clients are awarded the compensation they deserve. 


How Do I Get the Most Money From a Car Accident?

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If you have been injured in a collision and are wondering, “how do I get the most money from a car accident?” hiring the best personal injury lawyer will increase your ability to get the money you deserve. Injuries sustained in a car accident can be life-altering on multiple levels. Between medical bills, lost wages, and insurance companies, getting back to normal or a new normal can be a challenge and difficult. 


5 Things NOT to Do on a Motorcycle

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With the weather warming, motorcycle season is fast upon us. With the coming season, it’s a good time to remind all to practice motorcycle safety when on the road. For motorcyclists in particular, after a long Maine winter behind the wheel of a car, it’s important to refocus and reacquaint themselves with the “do’s and don’ts” of riding a motorcycle. When you take to the byways and back roads this spring and summer, here are 5 things you should remember NOT to do on a motorcycle.


Personal Injury Claims: Your Questions Answered

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A personal injury claim is a legal action that allows an injured person to file a civil lawsuit against another person or party whose act of negligence, carelessness, or wrongful conduct caused the injury. A personal injury is a physical injury to your body and mind, and emotions by legal definition. In other words, psychological injuries can also qualify as personal injury. Many people suffer depression and anxiety, along with broken bones, in the aftermath of an injury. In general, negligence is the basis for liability in most personal injury claims.