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Top 5 Personal Injuries That Result From Summer Activities

Summer in Maine is usually a time to relax and appreciate the great beauty of the Vacation State, but some individuals aren’t so lucky. Personal injury risk is elevated in the summer months due to nicer weather and heightened outdoor activity. As a result, innocent individuals are subject to injuries that can severely affect quality of life, such as loss of a limb, paralysis, internal organ damage, or the death of a loved one.

It may be possible to avoid most summer accidents if safety procedures and education were more of a priority. However, not every accident can be prevented, and there are additional factors to consider. Personal injury can be caused by alcohol consumption, negligence, vehicle operator inexperience, machinery failure, excessive speed, weather conditions, and more.

The Most Common Summer Personal Injuries in Maine

Boating Injuries

Boating accidents and injuries commonly occur in Maine during the summer. Many personal injury claims are attributed to negligent, careless operation of a vessel, which is more often than not influenced by alcohol use. Boating under the influence (BUI) endangers the lives of passengers and other boaters, but there are consequences. Maine law prohibits boat operators from driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must not exceed 0.08%. If convicted of a first-time BUI, an individual is generally charged with a Class D misdemeanor and may face fines or jail time. Subsequent offenses carry additional fines and longer jail time.

The boating accident lawyer team at Hardy Wolf & Downing has represented hundreds of boating accident clients with serious injuries obtained while boating, fishing, or using a personal vessel. Our legal experts can help determine whether or not a personal injury was caused by negligence, mechanical failure, bad equipment, and more.

ATV Injuries

In order to qualify as a personal injury claim, accidents that involve all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) must involve an injury that was obtained due to negligence or a product defect. In Maine, the plaintiff must show that the defendant was negligent. If the plaintiff is partially responsible for the accident, comparative negligence will also be a factor for the jury to consider. In this instance, a jury can reduce a personal injury award to reflect a more balanced outcome. The age of the plaintiff also matters as a young person between ages 9 and 16 is required to complete a training program before they are allowed to operate the vehicle outside of the land they live on.

Motorcycle Injuries

Riding motorcycles in Maine is a classic hallmark of summer. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are much more likely to be involved in a collision with another vehicle. Compared to deaths that result from car accidents, motorcycle deaths are also 26 times higher per mile traveled. Accidents usually occur at night in the summer. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Maine include reckless driving, speeding, road defects, and motorcycle defects.

Swimming Pool Injuries

Accidental drownings are the leading cause of death in young children. It can be difficult to assign liability for pool accidents since many factors can come into play. The location of the pool, whether it’s on private or public property, and various other details will need to be ironed out with your swimming accident lawyer to build your case.

Bicycle Injuries

As Maine cities such as Portland evolve and expand, individuals who travel by bicycle may be more vulnerable to accidents. Bicycle injuries are most often caused by motorists’ failure to stop for a cyclist that has the right-of-way, and when a driver is simply not paying attention to the road. In order to establish liability, the plaintiff must connect with a bicycle accident lawyer to prove that the defendant did not follow the rules of the road, therefore exhibiting unreasonable conduct.

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How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Maine

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident and there is evidence of negligence on the part of the defendant, there may be a strong case for a personal injury claim. You may be entitled to financial compensation that can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Hardy, Wolf & Downing is proud to employ a team of legal professionals with personal injury expertise. Whether you need a boating accident lawyer or an auto accident lawyer to establish a viable case, we can help. You don’t have to suffer a low quality of life after recovering from a personal injury ­– call the offices of Hardy, Wolf & Downing for a free consultation.

How to File a Motorcycle Accident Claim

how to file a motorcyle accident claim in maine

Motorcycle accidents can be serious. If you or a loved one has been injured or your motorcycle has been damaged as a result of one, knowing how to file a motorcycle accident claim in Maine may help you receive compensation for your losses. It’s important after an accident that all your options are considered. After a motorcycle accident in Maine, there are legal obligations related to the accident claim and reporting an accident to law enforcement. (more…)

3 Slip and Fall Accident Facts That Might Surprise You

slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, and the injuries sustained can be serious, costly, and even permanently change a person’s life. Conditions that result in a slip and fall accident vary—an icy walkway, a torn carpet, a broken step, a pothole—and can happen indoors or out. Though a case for negligence may seem straightforward in this type of accident, there are 3 surprising facts about slip and fall accidents that can present a challenge to any individual seeking compensation for their injury. (more…)

Chris Lewis Named President of Maine Trial Lawyers Association

Christian Lewis

Christian Lewis, a partner at Hardy Wolf and Downing, was named President of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA) on March 20, 2020. Before becoming President, Chris served the MTLA as Secretary and Treasurer.

The MTLA has over 600 Maine lawyers as members. It represents the interests of those who represent the interests of ordinary Mainers in the judicial system. The MTLA’s mission is to preserve and promote access to equal justice for all Mainers in our courts. As President, Chris is presiding over the trial bar at a difficult time, coordinating with the court system and other government branches to deal with the COVID crisis. As the courts gradually reopen, Chris is working closely with judges and court administration to ensure that the judicial system continues to work. This is critical as the only way for ordinary citizens to receive justice in claims against large corporations (insurance companies) is through the court system, and if the Courts are closed, people are harmed. 

Chris takes the role of trial lawyers seriously. “We are the ones who stand between large companies and the government and our clients—ordinary citizens. Without the judicial system and our fighting for them, the average person would be powerless”.

Chris is the second Hardy Wolf and Downing partner to be President of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association. Michael Welch was in that position a few years back.

Chris represents injured Mainers as part of the mission of Hardy Wolf and Downing.

Hardy Wolf and Downing is dedicated to getting justice for injured Maine people. The partners’ leadership in the MTLA demonstrates that.

Should I Settle or Go to Trial?

personal injury trial

Weighing the pros and cons of a personal injury trial versus an out-of-court settlement is an important decision that a client and his or her attorney must consider carefully. There is no right or wrong. However, the choice you make should be an informed one. Personal injury trial preparation is a lengthy process and can be an ordeal. On the other hand, it can be exceptionally beneficial, emotionally and financially, when a judge and jury side with you and you receive just compensation for your personal injury.

In order to get a better idea of which option is best suited for you, here is a short list of the pros and cons of settling a personal injury trial versus reaching an out-of-court settlement. (more…)

What Kind of Injuries are Caused By a Head-On Collision?

car accident front end collision

car accident front end collisionAs the name implies, head-on collision injuries are those injuries sustained as a consequence of a front-end vehicular impact. As one of the more dangerous types of car collisions, head-on collisions generally result in serious injuries and fatalities. The car’s impact causes some type of bodily impact to the occupants in the car. Passengers and the driver can strike the dashboard, steering wheel or windshield or even be flung out of the car into the oncoming car or object. That impact can cause a further impact on an internal supporting structure of the body such as the brain within the skull or the spleen with the spine. (more…)

What to Do if You’ve Been Injured on a Business Property

injured on business property

injured on business propertyBusinesses have an obligation to customers to provide a reasonably safe environment when they enter their shop or store. When failing to do so and a customer is injured on a business property due to negligence, the injured party may be able to present a lawsuit against the business for the resulting injuries. By law, business owners are required to provide adequate safety and do everything reasonably possible to make their properties safe and prevent any harm to customers. (more…)

Who’s at Fault in an Accident?

Who's at Fault in an Accident

Who's at Fault in an AccidentDetermining who’s at fault in an accident is necessary to be awarded compensation in a personal injury claim. Not all accidents and the injuries that result from them are cut and dry. It must be proven that the liable party, the person or parties who were responsible for the accident, were legally at fault due to that person’s or party’s negligence, no matter the degree of carelessness. (more…)

Is the Landlord Responsible for Tenant Injuries?

Negligent Landlord and tenant injuries

Negligent Landlord and tenant injuriesConflicts between landlords and tenants are not that uncommon in today’s society. Disputes can result from a negligent landlord failing to maintain the rental property or a tenant continually paying rent late each month. Overall, issues concerning lease violations, tenant rights, fair housing, or who may be responsible for repairs to the property can generally be worked out with a little civility and common sense. Taking a dispute to court should be the last option between the landlord and tenant. (more…)

Have You Been Injured Due to a Fall on Ice or Snow?

injured on ice

injured on iceA slip and fall on ice lawsuit results when property or business owners are negligent in maintaining their property during winter conditions. If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident, contact a premise liability attorney. Such injuries are all too common during the winter, and if you are seriously hurt or require medical attention, it may be that you are entitled to receive compensation. (more…)