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Is it Worth Filing a Home Insurance Claim for a Personal Injury?

home insurance claim for personal injury

home insurance claim for personal injuryHomeowners insurance policies provide protection for homeowners in the event that a home insurance claim is brought against them by another party. The policy also provides protection for property owners and mortgage holders should the house sustain damage from a natural catastrophe such as a flood, fire, or storm. Typically, in the case of the latter, homeowners are often confronted with a dilemma before submitting a claim. Is the damage serious enough to file a home insurance claim? Otherwise, a homeowner could see his or her rates increase or even have their policy canceled by their insurance company. (more…)

How Do You Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall?

Negligence in slip and fall

A slip and fall injury can be serious, especially this time of year. As the seasons change, and fall turns to winter, the chance for a slip and fall injury increases with every storm. The autumn rains can mask slippery fallen leaves on any sidewalk, and snow can mask a patch of ice on any doorstep. If you are seriously hurt as a result of a slip and fall injury on another’s property due to owner negligence, you should consult with a slip and fall lawyer. You very well may be entitled to money damages to compensate for lost wages, to cover medical bills, and more. (more…)

What are 3 Types of Product Defects That Can Result in a Lawsuit?

Types of Product Defects That Can Result in a Lawsuit

Types of Product Defects That Can Result in a LawsuitProduct liability is an area of law that ensures consumer safety from hazardous, defective or unsafe products or items that are offered for sale in the marketplace. If or when a consumer is harmed by a defective product, a product liability lawyer can advise the person injured on any claim or cause of action against the responsible party. Those who manufacture, sell, design or distribute a product have a legal responsibility for its safety once it enters the marketplace. If the product fails, the consumer can hold the responsible party liable for injuries sustained in using it. (more…)

What is Personal Injury Coverage on a Homeowners Policy?

New England Town in autumn

New England Town in autumnBecoming a homeowner is a dream come true. Whether you are single or starting a family, moving into a home you can call your own has many advantages. Homeowners can build equity on their property and realize tax benefits. However, homeownership does come with a degree of responsibility. You likely have insurance to cover loss, but do you have personal injury coverage on your property, too? Homeownership requires a ‘duty of care’ in maintaining your house and property that will protect you from premises liability. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should have the personal injury coverage needed to protect you, your family, and property. (more…)

What’s the Difference Between Property Damage and Bodily Injury?

property damage vs bodily injury

property damage vs bodily injuryThe differences between property damage and bodily injury liability insurance claims, and the laws and policies that govern each, are specific to the type of liability in question. Regarding property damage, a property damage lawyer can help victims who sustain real or personal property loss or damage to recover financially as a result of another’s negligence or from a force of nature. Unlike bodily injury claims, property damage deals with the amount of recovery, replacement, repairs, loss of use and related costs after an accident occurs to one’s property. Such damage may include harm to a vehicle, a house or other structure, a tree, a mailbox or some other form of property. (more…)

How Do You Know You Can Trust Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Bill Hardy

Bill Hardy, Senior Partner

Hardy, Wolf & Downing is a law firm that residents of Maine know and can trust. As personal injury lawyers, part of what sets us apart from other law firms is that we know Maine because we are Mainers. We relate to and understand the people of Maine on a personal level. Our employees are personal injury lawyers, paralegals, case managers, and Mainers just like you. We live and work here. We are members of the same community. Our children and grandchildren go to local schools and play on the local youth teams. In fact, meet our team here! (more…)

Why Would a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Turn Down a Case?

Attorney Chris Lewis on Motorcyle

Attorney Chris Lewis on MotorcyleWhen a motorcyclist is involved in an accident or collision it’s important that they contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Bikers are essentially defenseless, and when involved in a collision, more often than not they suffer several injuries, some critical, and more often than necessary, fatal. Motorcyclists who are accident victims certainly deserve just compensation—for them and their families—to help them move forward with their lives. (more…)

Should I Consider Filing a Loss of Consortium Claim?

couple sitting on rock looking at ocean

couple sitting on rock looking at oceanIn personal injury cases, a loss of consortium may not be as obvious as suffering broken bones, but the pain, suffering, and emotional distress can be just as real. Loss of consortium is a personal injury that relates to the loss of spousal relationships due to an accident caused by negligence. If your spouse is injured in an automobile accident, suffers a spinal injury in a slip-and-fall accident, or even killed as a result of negligence, then you should consider filing a loss of consortium claim. As a surviving partner, you have a legal claim for a personal injury lawsuit. A loss of consortium is not for the injuries that your spouse has sustained, but rather a lawsuit for the impact that the injuries or death has had on the spousal relationship. (more…)

Summer Road Safety: Look Twice, Save a Life

Chris Lewis Attorney Motorcycle Safety

Chris Lewis Attorney Motorcycle SafetyWith summer upon us and the number of cars, trucks, campers, and motorcycles on the road in Maine we want to remind people to “Look Twice, Save a Life.” The slogan used to promote motorcycle awareness and safety is aimed to reduce motorcycle accidents and fatalities throughout the country. During the summer months, “Look Twice, Save a Life” is especially relevant in Maine. Unlike many states, Maine “motorcycle season” is relatively short and for some drivers, it takes a little more time to get re-accustomed to sharing the roadways of the Pine Tree State with bikers. (more…)