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Who’s at Fault at an Intersection Accident?

snowy intersection

With traffic entering and exiting from every angle, intersections can be busy places. It’s why determining who’s at fault at an intersection accident can, at times, be challenging. Changing traffic lights and missed turn signals, pedestrian crossings, motorcycles appearing from nowhere, and more—it’s no surprise that approximately 40% of car accidents that occur each year happen at intersections—and assigning fault can be problematic.


Can You Collect Damages From a Hit and Run?

uber car accident

uber car accidentCan you prove a hit and run? Though the answer should be of no surprise, especially in this day and age, there are still drivers who think they can get away with leaving the scene of an accident. You need not worry about who will pay for the damages to your car when, even in a minor accident, you find a dent in the side of your vehicle that wasn’t there when you went into the grocery store. Finding the driver who did it, essentially, is a process, not a mystery. Drivers who leave the scene of an accident can easily access the local street, parking lot, store cameras, and other available video footage. Once police view the footage, it’s a matter of time until they find the hit and run driver and you collect damages from it.  (more…)

Slippery Road Conditions and Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

winter road

winter roadIt’s that time of year again—when the roads get slippery, winter car accidents happen. People slide off the roads, get hit from behind, or, unfortunately, sideswiped or strike a pedestrian. Even for the most ‘seasoned’ drivers, driving in wintry weather, snowstorm, or across black ice can be challenging. If a car slides across the road and hits another vehicle that hits yours, beyond tending to the accident’s immediate consequences if there are injured parties, knowing what to do in the aftermath is important.  (more…)

When Can a Passenger Collect from Injuries?

woman with neck pain

woman with neck painWhat happens if you’re a passenger injured in a car accident? Often, passengers don’t know they’re entitled to seek and collect compensation from the “at-fault” driver’s insurance as a third party. There may be an instance where you can file against both insurance companies. (more…)

An Act of Kindness Leads to a Living Kidney Transplant

sheldon tepler

Photo: Instagram, lindseymills_tv

November is a month to celebrate giving and selfless acts of kindness. This year we have a special topic and story to share about kidney disease. The effects of kidney disease impact people’s lives in unimaginable ways, and recently, one of our own became a living donor to a neighbor in need.  Watch the heartening story on News Center Maine (more…)

What If the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have Enough Insurance?

Teenagers driving

Teenagers drivingCar insurance is necessary because car accidents happen every day. It is the primary reason motorists have car insurance. But what happens when the driver at-fault is underinsured? The reality is that some accidents are more severe than others, which can result in more serious injuries. Unfortunately, even though Maine law requires motor vehicle operators to carry liability insurance and have uninsured motorists and medical payments coverage, drivers are only required to have a minimum level.

Maine’s Minimum Car Insurance Requirements


Off Road Safety Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

two people riding an atv

two people riding an atvATVing is one of the country’s more popular pastimes. With it comes a responsibility by every driver to prevent ATV accidents from occurring. With a significant decrease in ATV-related emergency department-treated injuries from 2017 to 2018: dropping from an estimated 93,800 in 2017 down to 81,800 in 2018. (more…)