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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

do i have a personal injury claim

do i have a personal injury claimKnowing what is a personal injury claim is an important first step before filing a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury law covers a substantial number of accidents that encompass many scenarios. By definition, a personal injury claim is a claim for liability and damage done to you as a result of the negligence of another party and the basis for a personal injury case. Suffering a personal injury is a trying experience and knowing if you have a case or should move forward with a claim can be overwhelming. (more…)

When to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

When to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

When to Get a Lawyer After a Car AccidentCar accidents can be a trying experience for anyone, emotionally and physically. Whether a fender bender or a totaled vehicle, when to get a lawyer for a car accident? is not only a very important question but an important decision as well. In most instances, it is related to the degree of emotional and physical damage that occurred. In other words, when to get a lawyer after a car accident will be chiefly determined by the severity of the accident itself. (more…)

What Happens in a Personal Injury Trial?

Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury SettlementIf you’ve suffered a personal injury and you decide to contact an attorney, you will have the option to settle or to go to trial. In personal injury settlements, the prime objective of every attorney representing an injured party is to ensure that the client who was injured through negligence is awarded maximum compensation. Going to trial may be your best bet if insurance companies and adjusters refuse to offer you full compensation to settle your case. In order for maximum compensation to be awarded, personal injury attorneys, in consultation with their client, outline a strategy for bringing the case to trial. Going to trial for a personal injury case will be weighed against any out-of-court settlement offers. Nevertheless, from the onset, an experienced personal injury attorney will proceed and prepare for a trial verdict. (more…)

5 Common Practice Areas for Personal Injury Lawyers

business meeting

business meetingA personal injury lawyer provides legal services to those who have been injured, either physically, emotionally or psychologically, due to negligence by another person, company, entity or agency. Personal injury law is an area of law known as tort law (think torturous, i.e., that which causes suffering). Regardless of the basis for any personal injury claim, be it intentional, through negligence, or strict liability, two basic issues must be proven in personal injury cases—defendant liability and the extent and nature of your damages. This is where the expertise of a personal injury lawyer to aid, assist, and represent the injured and afflicted party in proving liability and damages, and to ensure you’re awarded just compensation for your loss, is most valuable and should be sought out. The following are five of the most common areas for representation by personal injury practices: car accidents, slip, and fall accidents, commercial trucking accidents, dog bites or animal attacks, and wrongful death. If you should be an unfortunate party to these or any accident you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. (more…)

Top Maine Personal Injury Firm Offers Help to Those In Need

Hardy Wolf and Downing Team

From left are William C. Herbert III, Michael Welch, Cailley Bonti, Sheldon Tepler, Christian Lewis, Leana Amaez, Stacy Stitham and Nan Heald at the Pine Tree Legal Assistance reception in Lewiston.

Hardy Wolf and Downing is here to help Mainers injured in car accidents. We don’t represent corporations or insurance companies. And we know that many people can’t afford to pay for a personal injury lawyer up front. So we simply don’t charge a dime until the client gets paid for the suffering she’s endured. But, our desire to help those in need goes even further. Many Mainers can’t afford lawyers for other legal matters. That’s where we step in. Hardy Wolf and Downing has an unequaled record of giving Mainers in need legal help for free. This is called pro bono legal work–just a fancy Latin name for helping those who need help and can’t afford a lawyer. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Texting and Driving Law

Teenagers driving

Teenagers drivingAny car accident lawyer would agree that texting and driving has reached near epidemic proportions nationwide. The roadways are filled with distracted drivers who reach for their cell phone to read messages and text while driving, and in the process cause a car accident, resulting in serious injuries and sometimes even death to innocent victims. In response to this epidemic, Maine distracted driving law carries heavy fines and even driving license suspensions. In addition, car accident attorneys are widely available to offer legal counsel to any victim of a car accident caused by a distracted driver. (more…)

How Long Should Kids Be in Rear-Facing Car Seats?

Toddlers playing with cars

Toddlers playing with carsUPDATE: As of June 14, 2019, Governor Janet Mills signed new child safety seat rules into law, An Act To Update Laws Governing Child Safety (LD 1269). The new rules define the required time a child needs to remain in a rear-facing seat and changes the weight requirement for forward-facing seats used with a harness. This blog post has been updated to reflect those changes. 

When it comes to child passenger safety, car seats for infants, babies, and children is a priority for all parents. Fussing with your baby and buckling them in their rear-facing car seat can be frustrating, particularly on those icy cold, Maine winter mornings. Infants and babies especially do not like to lose sight of their mothers. Many often cry when placed in the back seat facing away from them. Wanting to turn your child around to comfort and calm them is natural. Wondering how long your child should be in a rear-facing seat is normal. However, the fact is, rear-facing car seats are not only a must when it comes to your baby, but it is also the law. (more…)

Who Pays for Personal Injury Claims?

personal injury claims

personal injury claimsIn a personal injury case, payment of personal injury claims is awarded to an injured person by the person or company which is found legally at-fault and responsible for the accident. Compensation to the injured person by the at-fault party is commonly made through various types of insurance coverage by insurance companies. On very rare occasions an individual or at-fault party may be liable to pay compensation. In the overwhelming majority of cases, however, the negligent person or at-fault party’s insurance company will pay the plaintiff’s damages.

The Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident lawyers

motorcycle accident lawyersThere many vital steps to take after a motorcycle accident, one of which should be contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer. Medical treatment in the emergency room and the recovery beyond that can be a trying, confusing time. Consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident could help you and your family immeasurably during your recovery period. A lawyer can assist you with understanding your insurance coverage, help you in filing your insurance claim, and mitigate any other legal disputes that may arise out of the accident due to a driver’s negligence.