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Hardy Wolf & Downing was founded over 45 years ago to provide the highest level of legal representation to injured Mainers. The practice was started in Lewiston to serve Central Maine.

Since that time the firm has grown into a Statewide practice that has extensive experience in prosecuting every type of injury claim.

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What Makes Hardy Wolf & Downing Different?

Many law firms and lawyers claim to handle personal injury cases, and most lawyers will take these claims on to try and “settle” without a lawsuit. Hardy Wolf & Downing is one of the very few law firms that actually litigates personal injury claims. This means that if you have been injured through the fault of someone else, we can try and settle your claim with the responsible insurance company but if necessary, we will file a civil lawsuit and fight for you. Many lawyers say they will represent an injury case but most want to avoid going to court or referring to another law firm and may even try and convince you to take a low settlement. Insurance companies know that filing a civil lawsuit is difficult and expensive and will lowball a settlement offer in hopes that the lawyer or the client don’t want to go through the lawsuit process.

There is where Hardy Wolf & Downing is different. We figured out decades ago that the only way to make the insurance companies do the right thing is to file a civil lawsuit and force the insurance company to the table. Most cases settle, but many require a civil lawsuit to be filed to get the insurance company to take things seriously.

Hardy Wolf & Downing doesn’t refer your case to some other firm when a lawsuit is necessary, we are there with you the whole way; from the first call until the case is resolved you’ll be dealing with the same lawyer or lawyers from Hardy Wolf & Downing

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