3 Steps to Keep Motorcyclists Safe in Maine

While the rush of summer’s busy highways and tourist-filled roads may be coming to an end, there are still plenty of beautiful days for motorcyclists to head out for a joy ride. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be some of the most dangerous and deadly ones, any time of year. At Hardy, Wolf & Downing, we know correctly operating a motorcycle is imperative to your safety, but it is just vital for motorists to stay alert and to drive defensively.

Steps to Keep Motorcyclists Safe On the Road


Bad weather can be one of the most significant factors when it comes to road safety. Rain is the most apparent obstacle as heavy rain can cause slippery roads, conceal potholes, obstruct debris, and create difficult visibility. Heavy winds and fog can also affect a motorcyclist’s ability to stay in control. As a fellow driver on the road, slow down and keep a lookout for motorcyclists that have pulled over on the roadside, waiting out the weather.

Unprotected from the elements, motorcyclists are always at a greater risk of injury in all types of weather.

Keeping Your Distance: In Traffic, Passing, and Being Passed

No matter the weather, a good rule of thumb is to maintain adequate space from a motorcycle– this is not the time to tailgate. When passing, being passed, or lane sharing, know your responsibilities, and stick to them. Avoid being in blind spots, use your signals, and avoid surface hazards.

Obey Traffic Laws

Following traffic laws also means not driving while impaired, without the proper training, or without necessary insurance. All of these things equally put motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders at risk for accident or injury.

If You Need a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

The legal team at Hardy, Wolf & Downing has ample experience working with victims of motorcycle accidents. We understand the complexities of motorcycle law in Maine and will work hard to ensure accident victims receive full compensation. For more information or to receive a free evaluation of your case, contact the attorneys at Hardy, Wolf & Downing.