Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl Ad Targets Drunk Drivers

When it comes to television advertising, Super Bowl Sunday is like, well, the Super Bowl. Companies spend as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot with hopes that the more than 110 million viewers who tune in will take notice.

Considering nearly 18% of Super Bowl viewers say the ads are the most important part of the big day, people will indeed take notice. So it comes as no surprise that once again, Anheuser-Busch was on the scene with several ads. But what was surprising was its commercial in which acclaimed actress Helen Mirren threw proper British insults at anyone who drinks and drives.

The 70-year-old Academy Award-winner opened by introducing herself as “a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady.” She went on to call anyone who drives drunk a “short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution, a Darwin award-deserving selfish coward.” She capped it off with, “Don’t be a pillock” (British slang for a stupid or annoying person.)

Super Bowl DUI traffic fatalities spike

The commercial combined charm with a biting message in hopes of hitting home on a widely-recognized problem. Super Bowl Sunday sees a big increase in drivers who hit the roads after drinking alcohol. Federal statistics suggest that from 5 p.m. on Sunday until 4 a.m. on Monday, more than 40% of the traffic fatalities involve driving drunk. That is a significant bump up from the average of 32% at other times of the year. In other localities, like San Diego, studies show that the percentage of deadly crashes involving alcohol more than double.

In Maine, anyone driving with a blood alcohol content above 0.8% is legally intoxicated and faces criminal penalties. Maine also recognizes civil actions to reimburse victims and their families.

personal injury lawsuit verdict or settlement may help pay mounting medical bills, cover costs that add up while a victim is unable to work, ad compensate for pain and suffering. Loss of companionship, wrongful death, and funeral expenses are also recognized losses that may be reimbursed.

Anyone who wishes to recover compensation after an alcohol-related crash must be able to prove:

  • The drunk driver’s breach of a duty, like safe control of their vehicle, to other motorists;
  • Resulting damages that the law recognizes, such as medical bills or pain and suffering; and
  • A proximate cause relationship between the breach of duty and the damages.

A Maine personal injury lawyer can help

Determining the full scope of damages from a serious accident, dealing with insurance companies, and explaining the necessary elements to a jury are all situations where a personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance.

If you have been injured in or lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident in Maine, the attorneys of Hardy, Wolf & Downing offer their legal advocacy and guidance. Call today to set up a free consultation to learn about your rights to compensation.