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Historical Uses of Harmful Substances

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The Great GMO Debate

Are GMOs Harmful or Helpful | Hardy Wolf & Downing

The nutrition and ethics of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been debated for decades, eventually gaining the attention of President Obama who signed a law in 2016 requiring food manufacturers to disclose which of their foods contain GMOs. While consumer groups lauded the new law’s transparency, there are loopholes that allow manufacturers to avoid disclosing… Read more »

Dog Attack Injuries


While dogs are man’s best friend they can sometimes lash out in unexpected ways. Animal bites are common throughout the United States, though most only require minor medical attention. In addition to causing physical injury, a dog bite can become infected. To protect yourself and your loved ones it’s important to understand why dogs attack,… Read more »

Sumner Redstone Sues for Elder Abuse

Sumner Redstone sues for Elder Abuse

The abuse of the elderly has become a significant public health problem, the extent of which can be hard to truly know. Seniors are particularly vulnerable when it comes to abuse, especially when their cognitive faculties are declining and they are unable to advocate for themselves. We would all like to think that our elders… Read more »

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Turn Your Family’s Life Upside Down

Traumatic Brain injury

Of all the potential injuries a person can sustain in an accident, traumatic brain injuries are some of the most frightening. There are several aspects of traumatic brain injuries that make them especially diabolical in nature:   Brain injuries aren’t always apparent at the time of the accident, and can manifest later These injuries can… Read more »