Chris Lewis Named President of Maine Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA)

Christian Lewis, a partner at Hardy Wolf and Downing, was named President of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA) on March 20, 2020. Before becoming President, Chris served the MTLA as Secretary and Treasurer.

The MTLA has over 600 Maine lawyers as members. It represents the interests of those who represent the interests of ordinary Mainers in the judicial system. The MTLA’s mission is to preserve and promote access to equal justice for all Mainers in our courts. As President, Chris is presiding over the trial bar at a difficult time, coordinating with the court system and other government branches to deal with the COVID crisis. As the courts gradually reopen, Chris is working closely with judges and court administration to ensure that the judicial system continues to work. This is critical as the only way for ordinary citizens to receive justice in claims against large corporations (insurance companies) is through the court system, and if the Courts are closed, people are harmed. 

Chris takes the role of trial lawyers seriously. “We are the ones who stand between large companies and the government and our clients—ordinary citizens. Without the judicial system and our fighting for them, the average person would be powerless”.

Chris is the second Hardy Wolf and Downing partner to be President of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association. Michael Welch was in that position a few years back.

Chris represents injured Mainers as part of the mission of Hardy Wolf and Downing.

Hardy Wolf and Downing is dedicated to getting justice for injured Maine people. The partners’ leadership in the MTLA demonstrates that.