Have You Been Injured Due to a Fall on Ice or Snow?

A slip and fall on ice lawsuit results when property or business owners are negligent in maintaining their property during winter conditions. If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident, contact a premise liability attorney. Such injuries are all too common during the winter, and if you are seriously hurt or require medical attention, it may be that you are entitled to receive compensation.

Types of injuries resulting from a slip and fall on ice or snow can vary widely. Deep bruises, fractured wrists, elbows or hips, lacerations, and back or spinal cord injuries are all common in slip and fall accidents. Even traumatic brain injuries have resulted from such accidents. Whether mild or severe, a trip to the emergency room means an unwanted medical bill will be delivered in the mail. Accompanying the medical expenses are potential lost time and wages at work, pain and suffering, and a possibility that the fall could have life-altering changes.

What to Do if You Fall on Ice or Snow

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident it is important to know what to do. First, don’t pretend everything is all right. Though you may be embarrassed or only experiencing minor pain at that moment, do not ignore what you’re feeling or let those you are with talk you out of seeking medical attention. The fall may have resulted in a more serious injury than you think.

When you slip and fall on ice, there are several important steps to follow. Above all, depending on the severity of the pain, seek medical attention, either immediately or through your primary physician. The injuries need to be medically documented. Next, if there are witnesses, get their contact information. If you are with friends or family, have them take pictures or videos of the accident scene in the event that you are unable to. Snow and ice can melt or be removed once the property manager, business owner or whoever is on the premises working is notified of the accident. They will need to be informed of the accident and that there are dangerous conditions on the property. Be sure to get their contact information.

Pedestrians and property owners alike can protect themselves from the consequences of a slip and fall accident on ice and snow through a handful of preventive measures. Businesses have to keep entryways and pedestrian thoroughfares cleared and cleaned from snow or ice accumulation. The law requires property owners to provide a duty of responsible care in keeping their premises safe at all times for pedestrians, guests, shoppers, etc., who are lawfully on the property.

If you are injured, you must be able to prove that your actions did not cause the fall that resulted in the accident. You must be able to show that you exercised a greater degree of caution when walking outside in the winter conditions in areas where ice or snow is clearly visible. If injured, you must be able to prove that you are less than 50 percent at fault for your injury. The amount of compensation is proportionate to the fault assessed by the judge.

Therefore, you should be aware of where you are walking while out in winter conditions.
  • In parking lots, hold on to your car when getting in or out of it to keep your balance or gain your footing.
  • Be cautious of black ice forming on sidewalks and parking lots. In winter conditions where walkways or sidewalks have yet been cleared, walk slowly and take shorter steps.
  • On stairwells, use the handrail.
  • Proper footwear should be worn because it can be brought into question in terms of liability.
  • When entering a store or building, wipe your shoes and be wary of slippery floors from the foot traffic.

If your slip and fall is a result of negligence, then the injured party should contact a premise liability attorney. A lawyer knowledgeable with slip and fall injuries can go over all applicable laws with you to determine if you have a case. You may be entitled to compensation.