Helping Maine’s Seniors and Their Families Find Top-Quality Residential Care

It has been estimated that the total of Maine residents aged 85 and up will grow by approximately 90 percent by 2030. Clearly, this sizable segment of the population will place a heavy demand on the state’s long-term and residential nursing care resources which already serve a large number of the region’s seniors. However, when it comes time to identifying the right facility for a loved one, it can be extremely difficult to make important distinctions among available options and find an ideal fit.

We at Hardy, Wolf & Downing understand how critical it is for the most vulnerable among us to receive top-quality care once living independently is no longer sustainable. That is why we want everyone in Maine to learn more about A Place for Mom.

How A Place for Mom can help seniors and families

Established 15 years ago, A Place for Mom offers senior citizens and their families the tools necessary to find their way around an often complicated system of assisted living and other residential care options. Now the largest service of its type in the United States as well as Canada, A Place for Mom is focused on providing a customized experience for each family which draws upon in-depth expertise concerning local senior care facilities and committed advocacy for the well-being of our aging population.

A Place for Mom prides itself on its rigorous monitoring and reviews of facility licensing, regulatory violations, inspection reports and more. Senior Living Advisors even serve as mandatory reporters in suspected cases of elder neglect or abuse. The professionals employed by A Place for Mom work diligently to assemble the key facts families need in order to make informed decisions when choosing an appropriate, caring and comfortable place for their loved one to reside.

This assistance is particularly valuable in the state of Maine, which received only a “Basic” rating in terms of general accessibility of public records concerning senior care facilities, ranking 37th in the company’s analysis of state-by-state records transparency. A Place for Mom aggregates facility data, assesses individual client needs and preferences and helps connect families to communities well-suited to their requirements. Even better, A Place for Mom does this at no charge to participating seniors.

Combating the epidemic of nursing home neglect and abuse

Though it is certainly true that a large number of nursing care facilities in Maine provide the sort of compassionate attention senior citizens need and deserve, there are too many instances in which residents are subjected to devastating abuse and neglect. With seniors aged 65 and over projected to comprise almost 20% of the U.S. population by 2050, this is an issue to which we all must pay increased attention. With the National Center on Elder Abuse suggesting that roughly half of all nursing homes in the U.S. lack sufficient staffing to properly care for residents, it should come as no surprise that an unacceptable level of abuse and neglect goes unpunished each year. Vigilance about the signs and symptoms of elder abuse is essential to rooting out this problem once and for all.

Advocating for seniors across Maine

At Hardy, Wolf & Downing, we urge everyone to remain attuned to any noticeable behavioral changes in seniors residing in a nursing care facility. Specifically, take prompt action to investigate the cause if you observe:

  • Unintended weight loss
  • Bruising
  • Bedsores
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Aggression
  • Hygiene problems
  • Any other manifestations uncharacteristic of your loved one

If you suspect neglect or abuse, our elder abuse attorneys stand ready to explore the facts of your case and help you assess your legal options. For a confidential consultation, contact us at 1-800-INJURED.