How to Pick the Right Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, you’ll know the time has arrived to hire a car accident attorney when the insurance company offers you a settlement. Do not let it fool you no matter the amount because it will undoubtedly be far less compensation than you deserve. It’s at that moment when you’ll need to find a lawyer who can represent the best interests of you and your family. But how do you pick the right car accident attorney? 

For Mainers, looking for the right car accident attorney is, ultimately, about finding somebody you can trust. The car accident attorneys at Hardy Wolf & Downing understand the people of Maine because we are from Maine. We work tirelessly for you and with you, our clients, on a personal level. We will go to trial for our clients if we have to, to make certain you get more than just a settlement. No one should settle for less. We believe that every victim of any negligence should receive the compensation they deserve. 

6 Tips for Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

As Mainers, our clients are our neighbors, so to speak, and we fully get that there is a difference between saying you are a good neighbor and being one. We understand that when looking for a car accident attorney because it’s such an important decision that can greatly impact your life, finding the right one might be overwhelming—especially since it’s likely, it’s the first time you have had to think about, let alone pick, the right car accident attorney. Though there may not be a ‘sure’ way to find someone you can trust to represent you, here are a few suggestions to help you find the best car accident attorney.

1. Car Accident Attorneys Specialize in Personal Injury Law

Because injuries sustained in a car accident are a type of personal injury, if you have been injured in a car accident you will need to search for an attorney or law firm that specializes in personal injury law. Some law firms focus on different areas of the law and, though they might practice personal injury law at times, they do not specialize in it. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid law firms that multitask. Look for an attorney or firm that specifically handles cases similar to your own. These law firms have car accident attorneys with in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. Above all, they have experience. 

2. Experience

As with every job or endeavor, for the best results, experience counts. Yes, you’ll want an attorney or law firm that has experience in representing victims of car accidents, but that experience should be measured in several ways. Experience is a combination of the number of years that the attorney or law firm has been practicing law, the amount of time they have been specializing in personal injury law and pursuing claims, and their track record of success in either court or the settlements awarded from insurance companies for their clients.

3. Knowing How to Negotiate With Insurance Companies 

Along with specializing in personal injury law and having experience, you will want to pick a car accident lawyer that can negotiate with the insurance company. Remember that every insurance company has its own team of lawyers and adjusters that handle personal injury claims in the interests of the insurance companies they work for. Their idea of a just settlement for you is a quick settlement, one large enough that you might jump on and accept but more than likely far from your best interests. The compensation you receive should cover any medical care and ongoing treatment related to your accident, any property damage to your vehicle, loss of income, and non-economic damages and losses that have caused you or your loved one’s pain and suffering. The right car accident attorney will know what that number is to ensure the settlement you receive is accurate and the one you deserve. 

4. Being Able To Communicate 

One of the first criteria in building trust is the ease with which you can communicate with your car accident attorney and how well that attorney communicates with you. The first consultation should be free (if not, you should walk). The question and answers, the give and take, should be as much a conversation as it is informative for you and the attorney. The right car accident attorney for you is one you can speak to comfortably, ask as many questions as you need to feel at ease, and one who speaks to you in kind. 

5. A Professional Work Environment

Having a professional work environment is not simply about the appearance of a well-appointed office. To handle any personal injury case, the attorney or law firm needs resources—staff to do investigative work and to address issues when they arise. When you call for an appointment, take note of how you are greeted. When you arrive at the office, take note of how you are welcomed by the staff and the work environment of the office. There’s a good chance you will be working with many of them. The greeting you receive and how those people act toward you in that office reflects who they are working for. 

6. Get to Know Us

Finally, we suggest you read through our website, get to know us, and then ask around. Just as you might ask a friend, family member, or the people you work with if they know of a good mechanic, ask about us. There’s a good reason why thousands of Mainers have come to trust us over the course of five decades. Because we have earned it. For more information, or if you want to meet with us in person, don’t hesitate to contact Hardy Wolf & Downing for a free consultation.

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