Mother Causes Two DUI Accidents With Child In Car

A Brunswick woman, Heather Bowman, caused not one but two collisions in a single trip in Freeport last month. The 39-year-old was driving drunk with a child in the car. Bowman’s actions are an illustration of how one person’s poor decision can endanger the lives of countless other people, from other motorists to her own family.

Drunk driving is 100% preventable but there are still way too many drivers making the wrong choices. A Maine DUI accident lawyer provides one level of protection, helping to hold irresponsible drivers accountable for their actions and prevent their recurrence. And a drunk driver accident lawsuit also helps the victim and his or her family put the pieces back together financially and emotionally.

Drunk driver caused two accidents in single trip

In the Freeport incident, Bowman was spotted driving over a curb, striking a parked SUV, and fleeing from the scene. This first collision took place just before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. The driver of the SUV was in the vehicle at the time of impact and was able to give police a description and license plate number of Bowman’s car.

Shortly after 3 p.m., Bowman was again seen driving erratically. She then hit a witness’s car and that witness got out and pulled Bowman’s keys from her ignition until police arrived. At the time, Bowman was headed to pick up her other children from daycare. She was charged with operating under the influence, leaving the scene of the crash, and endangering the welfare of her child.

Impaired driving continues to be a problem

Drinking and driving used to be commonly tolerated but increasing awareness of the risks led to stricter DUI laws and wider enforcement. Even though driving under the influence of alcohol is no longer socially acceptable, many people do it every day and endanger the lives of those around them.

Across the United States, nearly 30 people die each day in DUI accidents – that is about one DUI-related death every 51 minutes. These accidents add up to more than 10,000 deaths per year. Even when the victim of a drunk driving accident survives, the injuries can be life-changing.

Drunk driving accidents can result in:

  • Serious injury
  • Disabilities and deformities
  • Medical bills, both past and future
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death

For those who have been injured and their families, the law affords remedies to aid recovery. Compensation may be available to lift the financial burden of hospital bills and time off of work due to injury. Victims may also be entitled to payment in compensation for the emotional trauma the accident can cause. Each case is unique and should be evaluated by a skilled DUI accident lawyer.

Legal assistance for DUI victims in Maine

When your world is shaken by a DUI accident, it can cause medical, financial, and emotional worries. But filing a car accident lawsuit in Maine is not an undertaking you need to go alone. The DUI accident attorneys at Hardy, Wolf & Downing have exceptional skills and experience, having successfully represented accident victims for nearly four decades.

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