Propane Truck and SUV Crash Claims Life of Livermore Woman

A collision between a propane truck and an SUV ended with the death of a Livermore woman after the crash caused the truck to flip and crush the SUV with the driver inside. The accident occurred on Route 17 at about 8 am on Monday, January 19.

Diane Gould, 45, was trapped in her Subaru SUV beneath the propane truck for over an hour before police managed to free her. An ambulance brought her to a LifeFlight helicopter waiting at Kents Hill School, but she died during the flight before the helicopter was able to make it to the hospital. Gould was wife to William “Tom” Gould, who worked in the merchant marines, mother to three young boys, and a former school board member. Alan Chenney, the driver of the propane truck, was treated for minor injuries to his shoulder at a nearby hospital.

The road where the accident occurred was closed for a full eight hours, during which time officials struggled to bring a propane leak under control and evacuate local residents. The truck was full of propane when the accident occurred; however, it appears that only a small amount of propane leaked at the site. A second truck was dispatched to remove the propane still in the original vehicle from the site.

Officials are still trying to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the crash. Chief Deputy Ryan Reardon of the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office said that the driver of the propane truck lost control of his vehicle on a sharp, downhill curve. He then crossed into oncoming traffic, where he hit Gould’s SUV and the subsequent flipping of the truck into the SUV occurred. Reardon suggests that icy road conditions and excessive speed may be to blame.

Liability issues in a Maine truck accident lawsuit

Currently, no charges are being pressed concerning the accident as not all details of the incident have been confirmed. However, in cases like these, there are many possible liability issues that can be involved if a party were to consider a Maine car accident lawsuit.

In this case, for instance, if the driver of the propane truck was travelling at excessively high speeds, he may be liable for reckless driving. Not stopping at stop signs or lights, pulling out in front of another vehicle, or taking other actions that are not in keeping with the rules of the road may also render a driver liable in such situations.

Blood alcohol levels of both drivers will be tested. Although this is standard procedure, Reardon believes that intoxicated driving was not a factor in this case. However, alcohol or drugs would certainly be considered a factor in a truck accident lawsuit.

Increasingly, courts are also considering distracted driving (in which, for instance, the driver takes his eyes off the road to look at his cell phone) or drowsy driving (in which the driver is simply to tired to operate a vehicle) as examples of negligence.

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