Record Winter Highlights Dangers of Snowplow, Snowmobile Injuries

For countless Mainers, winter weather is synonymous with fun and excitement. This year’s record-breaking snowfalls have therefore been heartily welcomed by winter sports enthusiasts throughout the region. From skiing to snowmobiling, many residents of this state believe this time of year to be the very best when it comes to outdoor adventure.

However, as thrilling as a lighting-fast run down the slopes might be, wintertime also poses unique hazards for the unsuspecting who can sustain serious harm due to the negligence of others. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a winter activity, you may need the assistance of a snowmobile accident lawyer in Maine with Hardy, Wolf and Downing.

Snowmobile accident severely injures two

By early February of this year, Bangor found itself tying a record for overall snow depth dating back to 1969. The abundance of the white stuff has been welcomed by winter sports enthusiasts statewide who have relished the ongoing opportunities to ski, snowshoe and snowmobile. However, engaging in such activities is not without significant danger, as was evidenced when a Lewiston father and son were seriously injured earlier this month in a snowmobile crash. The pair were riding as part of a group of four when one vehicle hit another, perhaps due to a malfunctioning throttle. That rider then collided with another when the speed became uncontrollable. The father was initially listed in critical condition, while the son was listed in fair condition.

Another major threat of winter weather is that of accidents involving snowplows. Just this month, a Mechanic Falls man was seriously harmed when struck by a snowplow whose vision had allegedly been impaired by falling snow.  The Mainer suffered severe injuries to his legs when he was pumping gas into his tanker truck at the CSX Transflo facility in Westboro. The massive weight and frequently uncontrollable nature of snowplows in inclement weather can produce extreme dangers for those caught in their path.

Establishing liability in winter injury accidents

While winter sports and activities are often a great pastime for many, serious injuries often occur, and far too many of them are the result of negligence. Snowmobile accidents in particular can pose a wide array of potential liability situations, including operation while intoxicated, excessive speed, improper training or defective equipment.

Snowplow operation can present serious hazards of its own, with too many injuries each year caused by the reckless acts of others. In all types of winter accidents, it is important to enlist the help of a skilled Maine personal injury lawyer who understands the types of evidence needed to establish liability and secure fair compensation for victims.

Pursuing a Maine snowplow accident lawsuit

Fighting for the rights of injured Mainers since 1976, the attorneys of Hardy Wolf & Downing grasp the complexities snowmobile and snowplow accidents can present. We will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the facts of your case, explore your potential entitlement to insurance benefits and other types of compensation.

Because the costs of these accidents can escalate rapidly, it really does pay to seek the aid of an experienced team of Maine accident attorneys who will pursue payment for things such as lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.

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