Tips on How to Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents, and the top culprit behind it all is cell phone use while behind the wheel. A study conducted by driving analytics company Zendrive found a staggering 88 percent of drivers use their phones while driving. The study found drivers spent 3.5 minutes on their phones per hour of travel time, which may not sound too terrible, but stats show that two-second distractions can increase the risk of a crash as much as 20 percent.

Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving

There are ways to reduce distracted driving without sacrificing the use of your phone’s essential features, like GPS.

  • Map out your GPS route beforehand – Set your GPS destination and pick your route before beginning your drive. Examine which routes work best and use roads you’ve traveled before so you have an idea of where you are. Mount your phone on your dashboard in a position that allows you to see the road clearly while checking it. Turn audio notifications on so you don’t have to rely on visual directions. If you get lost, pull over to readjust your GPS settings or make changes to your route.
  • Activate Bluetooth functionality – Most text messages and notifications can wait. Just because texting while driving in Maine is illegal doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice communication entirely. Most modern vehicles allow you to make phone calls easily with Bluetooth functionality, and older cars can be fitted with Bluetooth-enabling accessories. Try to limit phone calls for emergencies or to convey vital information only. Your smartphone may also be able to read your text messages aloud so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.
  • Create a travel playlist – Scrolling through playlists on your phone can be heavily distracting. Instead, set a travel playlist before venturing out on the road. Find yourself in the mood for pop music? Create a custom playlist of feel-good songs beforehand. Tired of hearing a particular song? Remove it from your list before heading out. Make a playlist of your essentials and modify it when you’re not driving to ensure you’re bopping along to your favorite hits safely.
  • Have your passenger(s) answer your phone for you – Passengers are distracting to have in the car. However, you can limit your other distractions by having them handle things like answering your phone for you. Struggling to find a house party? Have your friend call the party’s host for exact directions. Want to play that one song you can’t find on your phone? Have your friend search for it instead. Having a copilot in the car can actually be very convenient!

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