Top Ten Dangerous Toy List Released in Time for the Holidays

The product liability attorneys at Hardy, Wolf & Downing would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season. At this time of year, when many children receive toys as gifts, we would like to remind parents of the “safety first” principle. Some toys that may seem like fun to your children may actually be quite hazardous and it is important that you choose gifts wisely. Maine dangerous toy lawyers from our firm would not like to see any child sustain injury because of a hazardous toy given as a gift this year.

As a helpful guide for what to avoid, we would like to draw your attention to the recently released list of the top ten most dangerous toys for children. The list has been compiled by World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (WATCH).

Maine dangerous toy lawyers concerned about safety risks

This year, the following toys have been named the ten most dangerous by WATCH:

  • Airstorm Firetek Bow
  • Radio Flyer Ziggle
  • Cata-pencil
  • Alphabet Zoo Rock and Stack Pull Toy
  • Swat Electric Machine Gun
  • Wooden Instruments
  • Bottle Rocket Party
  • Lil’ Cutesies – Best Friends
  • True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer
  • Colored hedgehog

Some of the toys pose choking or strangulation hazards related to overlong cords and small and/or detachable parts on toys marketed to very young children. The hedgehog has fur that is not adequately affixed to the stuffed animal and can be pulled out and ingested.

Other toys such as the bow and arrow set, or the bottle rockets could cause harm do to various forms of trauma or eye injuries. These and other toys come with misleading or inadequate safety warnings or packaging. Also with misleading packaging is the Radio Flyer Ziggle which advises parents to always have their children use helmets while riding the toy but does not depict the child on the box playing with the toy as wearing a helmet.

There are also concerns about weapons that look too realistic and could lead to tragic misunderstandings of law enforcement or others believe that your child is holding a real gun.

Parents are also encouraged to evaluate other toys that are not on this list in particular to make sure that they, also, meet safety requirements.

Contact a Maine toy defect lawyer

Toy manufacturers have a responsibility to produce toys that are safe by their design and construction. They are also responsible to provide adequate safety instructions and packaging in order to ensure that their products are used safely. If they fail in these regards, they are liable for any injuries that occur as a direct result of the defects in construction, packaging, or instructions.

At Hardy, Wolf & Downing, we would much rather see parents use caution when purchasing toys for their children in order to avoid accidents. However, if an accident should occur and you’re considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, we would urge you to consult with a Maine dangerous toy lawyer from our firm to better understand your rights.