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Archives: Verdicts & Settlements

Auto Accident Settlement Awarded – Civil Lawsuit

car accident front end collision

The client was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident. She recovered $100,000 from the at-fault driver, the limits of the at-fault driver’s liability insurance. Through the efforts of Hardy Wolf & Downing, we were able to recover an additional $75,000 of insurance money for the client. This was accomplished by filing civil lawsuit… Read more »

Automotive Accident Settlement Awarded

cars in the rain

Our client was injured in a vehicle collision and suffered an injury to the chest. The policy for the at-fault driver was only $100,000. Hardy Wolf & Downing was able to prove that there was additional insurance coverage available to the client and got another $100,000 for the auto accident settlement to help compensate for… Read more »

Civil Lawsuit Settlement Awarded

Parking lot one way

The plaintiff was on a scooter in a parking lot when he was struck by a truck. Liability was denied by the at-fault driver’s automobile insurance company. The insurance company claimed that the client had turned in front of the truck driver. Hardy Wolf & Downing filed a civil lawsuit and was able to settle… Read more »

Personal Injury Settlement Awarded

wooden chair on porch

Our client’s neighbor fired a rifle at some nearby geese, failing to notice our client sitting outside of his apartment on the other side of those geese. The bullet missed our client’s head by inches and over the next 6-months, this near-death experience caused our client anxiety and nightmares. We recovered $15,000 for our client’s… Read more »

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded – Kennebec County

old stone wall

While our client was loading groceries onto a stone-wall outside of her apartment, a 50-pound stone fell out of the wall and onto our client’s toe. The landlord’s insurance company refused to pay her medical bills. A Kennebec County jury awarded her a premise liability settlement of $25,000.

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded- Cumberland County

red garage door

During a hurricane, high-winds blew the door of a parking-garage open and into our client’s face, damaging his teeth. The insurance company refused to pay our client’s medical bills, on the grounds that there was nothing wrong with the door. At trial, we proved that the garage-owners knew that the door was broken and prone… Read more »

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded- Rockland

Staircase in old house

Our client fell down a flight of stairs inside the apartment building where she lived. The stairs were dangerously steep and shallow but complied with local building-codes because the building was over 200-years old, and was built before modern building codes were adopted. The landlord’s insurance company refused to pay our client’s bills and a… Read more »

Slip and Fall Settlement Awarded – Topsham

pine trees and snow

It was just starting to snow when our client exited a store in Topsham. About 15-feet before from the exit, our client slipped on something underfoot and fractured her shoulder. The department store refused to pay her bills because there was no snow or ice on the ground where our client fell. During litigation, we… Read more »

Construction Accident Settlement Awarded

brown house in quiet neighborhood

Our client was working as a roofing sub-contractor. The general contractor told him to climb up on the roof without a harness or other fall protection. When our client expressed concern, his boss told him to stop being a baby. Our client fell off the roof and suffered significant injuries. We recovered $150,000 for his… Read more »

Slip and Fall Settlement Awarded- York County

ice that causes slip and fall accidents

Our client, a visiting nurse slipped, on ice in the parking lot outside of her patient’s apartment building, hitting her head and suffering a serious concussion. The landlord told a York County jury that our client was a liar but the jury disagreed and awarded her $15,000 in damages. The attorneys at Hardy Wolf and… Read more »