What You Need to Know When Settling a Car Accident Lawsuit in Maine

If you are considering a car accident lawsuit, any auto accident settlement you receive will likely be reached out of court. Car accident cases, statistically, very rarely go to trial as it’s in the interests of all parties to come to a mutually beneficial settlement. On the one hand, going to trial is a risk; there are no guarantees you will get the outcome you want or the compensation you deserve. By reaching an auto accident settlement out of court, the amount of compensation is certain. But with representation by an experienced car accident lawyer, that compensation will be what you deserve. 

Before you settle a car accident lawsuit in Maine, you owe it to yourself and your family to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney first. There’s a lot to consider before settling, starting with the amount. How will you know if you are being justly compensated or not? Or treated fairly by the other party or, more specifically, their insurance company?

Here are four important points to consider before you accept an auto accident settlement in Maine:

Car Accident Injury Compensation You May Be Entitled to Receive

Getting the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to for your injuries can be a challenge. It’s not simply paying to fix your car or medical bills. After an accident, as you recover from injuries, you are out of work, which can lead to financial stress from loss of wages. The high cost of medical treatment, ongoing care, and physical therapy adds to the financial strain brought on due to the accident. Insurance companies are fully aware that you are vulnerable, confused, frustrated, and susceptible to any offer. Never agree to or accept the first offer to settle with an insurance company, or you will not receive the compensation you are entitled to.

What Are the Time Limits on Car Accident Injury Lawsuits in Maine?

Maine’s statute of limitations on when you can file a personal injury lawsuit and go to civil court is six years from the date of the accident. That means the clock starts ticking from the day the car accident occurs. After the six-year period has ended, you won’t be able to file a claim to recover the damages you suffered in the accident. Though Maine has one of the longest statutes of limitations in the country, it’s best not to delay meeting with a car accident attorney to discuss your claim. The further you are removed in time from the accident, the more difficult it will be to remember everything that happened entirely. It’s even less likely that all the evidence has been preserved or that all your medical bills were saved or can be located. 

Let Us Handle Insurance Adjusters

The biggest challenge in being awarded the compensation you are entitled to will undoubtedly come from the insurance company. Negotiating that claim for the insurance company will be the company’s in-house insurance adjuster. The adjuster works with the information gathered about the accident and investigates the claim to determine how the insurance company should pay for damage or loss. Once they fully understand what happened, the degree of your injuries, and any other damages relating to the accident, they will return with a settlement amount. It’s not uncommon for this amount to be formula driven, routinely low, and insufficient to fully compensate the claimant for their injuries or other related damages. To ensure you receive the highest possible just compensation you deserve for your injuries, it is in your best interest to allow your injury lawyer to act on your behalf at all times, especially when dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney to Help You Determine Going to Court or to Settle

One of the main reasons to hire a car accident attorney is to determine whether to go to court or reach a settlement. The direction you go is an important decision, but it should not be impulsive but informed. Going to trial for a car accident injury case should be weighed against any settlement offers. An experienced car accident lawyer will explain that, statistically, most cases do not go to trial and can help you reach the settlement you are entitled to. That said, whether or not the case goes to trial, your car accident claim should be in the hands of a competent, experienced trial lawyer who is not only willing to go to trial but prepares your case as though you are going to trial from day one. 

Consult With An Attorney Before You Settle

Before accepting an auto accident settlement, it is in your own best interest to meet with an experienced personal injury attorney first for a free consultation.

Consulting with an experienced car accident attorney at Hardy, Wolf & Downing can help determine whether going to court or settling is the best course for you to follow. The law firm of Hardy, Wolf & Downing has helped their clients receive just compensation for their injuries for decades. Call 1-800-INJURED today.  

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