Winter Weather Causes Several Maine Tractor Trailer Accidents

Maine’s roadways this time of year are perilous for all drivers, who must remain alert and ready to react quickly when icy conditions prevail. Those who have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision are encouraged to speak with a Maine tractor trailer accident lawyer about their legal rights and liability issues.

A 30-foot portion of the Bond Brook bridge’s guardrail was destroyed in a tractor trailer accident last week, when the driver lost control on the icy interstate, sliding off the road. The big rig wreck was just one of multiple crashes reported in Hancock County and Augusta these past days, thanks to poor road conditions and inclement weather.

The severe impact of the Bond Brook accident tore off the truck’s front axle, ripped open the truck’s fuel tank, spilling gasoline all over the already slick road. Incredibly, the big rig’s driver was unharmed, but the tractor portion of the 18-wheeler was completely destroyed in the crash.

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Icy highways cause multiple big rig crashes across the state

A separate tractor trailer accident in Augusta affected interstate traffic, which was diverted for most of the day. The truck’s 47-year-old driver was on his way to Presque Isle carrying  large rolls of paper when he swerved his rig to avoid hitting a pickup truck that had suddenly braked in front of him.

Thankfully, the tractor trailer barely tapped the pickup’s bumper, and the driver was able to keep his rig from smashing into the truck.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson, Stephen McCausland reports that the 47-year-old big rig driver had a few bruises and minor cuts, but did not want any medical attention. A state trooper who saw the accident unfold says she rushed to the scene and kicked out the tractor trailer’s windshield, enabling Mohammed Syed – the driver – to escape.  None of the drivers were cited for violations.

In addition to the 18-wheeler accidents, authorities told Bangor Daily News that I-95 was also blanketed in snow and ice, which damaged some 20 passenger vehicles as the debris flew off other cars. Motorists reported mangled grills and badly broken windshields, but no one suffered personal injury.

McCausland cautions all Mainers to remove all snow and ice from their vehicles before setting out to help prevent more property damage.

Inclement weather and icy roads aren’t the only culprits in our state’s truck accidents during the winter. Studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicate that other possible causes include:

  • Excessive speed for road conditions
  • Driver fatigue
  • Negligence or poor decisions by the driver
  • Brake problems

If you or someone you love was injured or suffered property damage to their vehicle in a tractor trailer accident, you may have grounds for legal recourse in the event that negligence was involved. As with any type of motor vehicle accident, determining responsibility and legal liability is a complex task, and one that you should not undertake without competent attorneys.

Our legal team is well-versed in both product liability and personal injury law in Maine, and will help you obtain compensation for all losses sustained – both economic and non-economic.

Tractor trailer accident attorneys in Maine

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