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Verdicts & Settlements

Personal Injury Settlements & Verdicts

Automotive Insurance Settlement

Automotive/Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Personal Injury Payout

Auto Accident Settlement Awarded – Civil Lawsuit

car accident front end collision

Automotive Accident Settlement Awarded

cars in the rain

Civil Lawsuit Settlement Awarded

Parking lot one way

Personal Injury Settlement Awarded

wooden chair on porch

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded – Kennebec County

old stone wall

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded- Cumberland County

red garage door

Premise Liability Settlement Awarded- Rockland

Staircase in old house

Slip and Fall Settlement Awarded – Topsham

pine trees and snow

Construction Accident Settlement Awarded

brown house in quiet neighborhood

Slip and Fall Settlement Awarded- York County

ice that causes slip and fall accidents

Auto Accident Settlement Awarded – Androscoggin County

Red traffic light

Auto Accident Settlement – Cumberland County

stop sign

Premises Liability Settlement Awarded

product liability lawyer

Medical Malpractice Settlement

Doctor sitting in hallway looking sad

Personal Injury Settlement

product liability lawyer

Personal Injury Settlement – Head Injury

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Auto Accident – Wrongful Death Settlement

car flipped over

Personal Injury Settlement- Product Contamination

product liability lawyer

Auto Injury Settlement

truck in car side mirror

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

motorcycle accident

Auto Accident Settlement

distractions while driving

Construction Accident – Trial

Maine premises liability lawyer

Personal Injury Payout