Burn Injuries Prompt Keurig Recall

The product liability attorneys at Hardy, Wolf & Downing would like to alert Maine families to a recall announced by Keurig Green Mountain. The company has recalled its Keurig MINI Plus Brewing Systems, a single-serve hot beverage brewer that has found a place in millions of American homes. The recall affects about 6.6 million brewing systems sold in the U.S. and about 564,000 sold in Canada with the model number K10 and an identification number beginning with 31. The beverage makers were sold between 2009 and 2014, and were available in 13 different colors.

Malfunction specifics

The company issued the Keurig recall following reports of injuries caused by the machine. They had received about 200 reports of incidents in which the machine sprayed hot liquid. About 90 of those reports involved burn injuries. No further information was available regarding the severity of the burns or whether any consumers have already contacted product liability attorneys in Maine or elsewhere regarding filing a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer.

“Any reports of injury received were handled promptly,” said Suzanne DeLong, the Vice President of Corporate Communications for the Waterbury, VT company. “Important to note, is that any reported injuries of this issue were generally minor and we’ve received a very small number relative to the total number of units in the U.S. and Canada.”

The coffeemaker company instructed consumers to contact them to arrange a repair for their machines, free of charge. In the meantime, the company warns consumers who continue to use the machines before they are fixed that they should avoid brewing two or more cups in rapid succession. The problem with the brewing systems appears to occur when consumers brew multiple cups, one right after the other. Additionally, the company is instructing consumers to keep at least an arm’s length away from the machine while it is brewing hot beverages.

The company issued a statement regarding further steps it is taking to rectify the problem. “We are working closely with our retail customers to recall all affected product and we are in the process of fulfilling MINI Plus Brewer orders for consumers and retail customers with a new product that is not affected by the recall.”

Legal assistance from Maine product recall lawyers

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