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Category: Premises Liability

Hardy Wolf & Downing files premises liability lawsuits for those injured in slip and fall accidents, negligent security and more. Free consultation available.

Lowe’s Loses Slip and Fall Lawsuit, Ordered to Pay $16 Million

medical malpractice lawyer speaking to jury

In mid-April, a Nevada jury awarded a Lowe’s customer more than $16 million for a permanent head injury suffered at the store. Her lawyers hope that the decision will sway the hardware chain to reevaluate its safety practices. In 2013, Kelly Hendrickson, 42, slipped and fell in the water and garden department while browsing for a palm… Read more »

Wintry Weather Increases Risk for Slip & Fall Accidents

shoveling snow

Maine residents are no strangers to snowy, icy, and otherwise inclement weather conditions. During the winter, the focus is often on the roadways. However, sidewalks and other walking areas can give rise to serious injuries if they are not properly maintained by property owners. In Maine, property owners, lessees, and all other individuals who have control… Read more »

Mechanical Failure Caused Sugarloaf Ski Lift Accident Injuring 7

Young Couple on the Chair Lift

According to a newly-issued report by the Maine Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety, a chain of mechanical failures is at the root of a ski lift accident that injured 7 people last March. The report confirmed the earlier preliminary findings of a team of engineers who investigated immediately after the accident. Second ski lift… Read more »

Maine Residents Still Haunted By 2014 Hayride Death

hay ride trailer

Autumn means apple cider, pumpkin spice and breathtaking fall foliage for most Maine families – but not for family and friends of Cassidy Charette, the 17-year-old Messalonskee High School student who was fatally injured in a 2014 hayride accident. According to a news report at the time, she had gone on “a haunted hayride called… Read more »

Famed Lawyer and Celtic Fan Sues TD Garden After Slip and Fall

Sign showing warning of caution wet floor

A celebrity attorney, Harvard Law Professor, and television personality didn’t want to sue TD Garden, the home of his beloved Boston Celtics, but with the lingering pain of a nasty slip and fall in the men’s room of TD Garden three years earlier, he decided he had no choice. The attorney, known for his past work… Read more »

Hardy, Wolf And Downing Overcome Case Difficulties to Win Big Settlement

broken stairs

Hardy, Wolf & Downing recently recovered a large premises liability settlement, despite all odds stacked against the Maine resident.  Negotiations were fraught with detrimental admissions, difficult witnesses, and risky legal theory, but our experienced legal team was able to secure $220,000 for a woman who injured herself twice on her landlord’s stairs. Though the insurance company denied both… Read more »

Liability Questions Arise In Deadly Halloween House Fire

Captain Tom Downing of Hardy Wolf & Downing

Six Portland, Maine residents died when their apartment building caught fire in the wee hours of the morning on November 1st. In addition to the deceased, one person was seriously burned and three other occupants escaped by jumping through a second-story window. The inferno was caused by “improper disposal of cigarettes” in a smoking receptacle… Read more »

Icy Parking Lot Slip and Falls: Who is Responsible?

shoveling snow

As Mainers know, winter can present dangerous situations for pedestrians. Icy sidewalks and parking lots can cause people to slip and fall, often leading to severe injuries. This is exactly what happened to Mainer Marilyn Davis when she slipped and fell in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center (SMRMC) where she worked. Prior… Read more »