Lewiston Car Accident Attorneys: Tragic N.C. Distracted Driving Accident

The Lewiston Car Accident Attorneys of Hardy, Wolf and Downing are saddened by reports of a suspected distracted driving case in High Point, North Carolina. It is a stark reminder of the dangers of texting and driving, which has left a family grieving the tragic loss of 32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford.  According to local authorities, Sanford’s decision to write a Facebook post about the song “Happy” caused her to lose control of her vehicle, cross the median and collide head-on with a truck. Ultimately, authorities say Sanford’s fateful decision to take her eyes off the road in order to post to Facebook ended her life and put other drivers on the road in grave danger.

According to investigators, at 8:33 am, Sanford posted; “The Happy song makes me HAPPY!” to the social networking site, Facebook. Moments later, at 8: 34 am, authorities received calls that Sanford’s vehicle crossed the median, crashed head-on into an oncoming truck, then ran off the road into a tree.

Fortunately, the driver of the truck Sanford collided with, 73-year-old John Wallace Thompson, was not injured in the accident. Sanford, however, did not survive the impact.  Authorities say that in addition to posting status updates on Facebook,  the victim was posting “selfies” as she drove down the highway that fateful morning.

Although investigators say Sanford was wearing her seatbelt, she was not using her seatbelt correctly.  Lt. Chris Weisner of the HIgh Point Police Department says, “In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy…As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder for everyone… you just have to pay attention while you are in the car.”

Help Save A Life: End Distracted Driving

The Lewiston car accident attorneys of Hardy, Wolf and Downing know distracted driving kills, and we want our clients to understand this serious hazard. We also want our clients to do everything within their power to end this serious hazard. By providing the following tips. Our Lewiston car accident attorneys hope to spur discussions among family members and make you aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving. If you and your loved ones understand the danger of distracted driving, you can help end the problem.

  • According to DISTRACTION.GOV, 78 percent of teens and young adults say they have an SMS message while driving, while 71 percent say they have sent an SMS message while driving.
  • In 2011, AT LEAST 23 percent of automobile accidents involved cell phones as distractions.
  • Texting while driving takes your eyes off the road for a minimum of 5 seconds. This is the equivalent of driving the entire length of a football field blindfolded while driving 55 mph.

Maine distracted driving attorneys at Hardy, Wolf and Downing provide our blog as a service to our clients.  They are meant to be purely informational. If you or a loved one has been in an accident or has been involved in a crash as a result of distracted driving and would like a free consultation with a personal injury attorney, please call our firm today at 1-800-INJURED to start understanding your legal rights.