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Category: Car Accidents

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Who’s At Fault If You Hit a Deer With Your Car?

white tailed deer crossing road

If you hit a deer with your car, will your insurance cover it? If you drive in Maine, you better make sure that it does. Car-deer collisions are a common occurrence and big problem. They can happen anytime throughout the year, but especially in the autumn during mating season. Collisions are so frequent that the… Read more »

Can I Sue for a Rear-End Collision in Maine?

hit from behind Car accident

If you got hit from behind while driving and are wondering, “Should I sue if I got rear-ended?” then the short answer is that you can if you choose to, but there might be other factors to consider before filing a lawsuit. Receiving compensation for your damaged vehicle is typically a straightforward affair once the… Read more »

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

woman with neck pain

For some, wondering what to do after an accident that is not your fault, even a minor one, can be a source of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety. Even as the bills pile up, many people hesitate, feel overwhelmed by the legal process, or even feel intimidated. Others do not want to burden the system or… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Headache After a Car Accident

man with headache

Suffering headaches after a car accident may be a sign of a more severe injury. If you haven’t received medical attention yet, you should, immediately. Then, it may be time to consult with a traumatic brain injury attorney as you weigh your options. The truth is you should never ignore a headache after a car… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Maine State Motorcycle Laws

man on motorcycle

Over the years, Maine state motorcycle laws have gone through numerous revisions. Though any resident can obtain a permit or license to operate their motorcycle on Maine roadways, the license holder must stay up-to-date on current state laws pertaining to motorcycles and their operation.

What Happens If Someone Hits Me and Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Lawyer and client shaking hands

The experience of a car accident is bad enough, but being in a car accident when you’re not at fault and the other driver doesn’t have insurance is a borderline nightmare scenario. It doesn’t matter that the law requires all vehicles to be insured before registration. The Insurance Research Council estimates 1 in 8 drivers… Read more »

What are the Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents?

texting while driving

Few would argue that distracted driving accidents have been a problem nationwide for years, no less so than in Maine. The truth is, Maine has a distracted driving problem, and it’s ugly. With nearly 13 fatalities per year per one-hundred thousand people on average, the Insurance Information Institute’s 2020 report places Maine not only at… Read more »

5 Things NOT to Do on a Motorcycle

Portland Maine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

With the weather warming, motorcycle season is fast upon us. With the coming season, it’s a good time to remind all to practice motorcycle safety when on the road. For motorcyclists in particular, after a long Maine winter behind the wheel of a car, it’s important to refocus and reacquaint themselves with the “do’s and… Read more »

How Parking Lot Collisions Can Still Lead to Injuries

parking lot accidents

Parking lots are often busy and congested places where distracted driving and pedestrian accidents go hand-and-hand. Many people hold a common misconception of parking lots being safer than roadways. With so many cars moving in different directions, rushing to parking spots, pulling in and out of parking spaces, parking lots at times can be quite… Read more »

When is it Too Late to Get a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

female patient with doctor

After you have been injured in a car accident, the days and weeks can slip by before you even realize it has been months since the accident. The focus on recovery, continual medical care and doctor’s appointments, the lost time at work, and working on getting another car, and even trying to forget and get… Read more »