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Category: Car Accidents

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Who’s at Fault at an Intersection Accident?

snowy intersection

With traffic entering and exiting from every angle, intersections can be busy places. It’s why determining who’s at fault at an intersection accident can, at times, be challenging. Changing traffic lights and missed turn signals, pedestrian crossings, motorcycles appearing from nowhere, and more—it’s no surprise that approximately 40% of car accidents that occur each year… Read more »

Can You Collect Damages From a Hit and Run?

uber car accident

Can you prove a hit and run? Though the answer should be of no surprise, especially in this day and age, there are still drivers who think they can get away with leaving the scene of an accident. You need not worry about who will pay for the damages to your car when, even in… Read more »

Slippery Road Conditions and Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

winter road

It’s that time of year again—when the roads get slippery, winter car accidents happen. People slide off the roads, get hit from behind, or, unfortunately, sideswiped or strike a pedestrian. Even for the most ‘seasoned’ drivers, driving in wintry weather, snowstorm, or across black ice can be challenging. If a car slides across the road… Read more »

When Can a Passenger Collect from Injuries?

woman with neck pain

What happens if you’re a passenger injured in a car accident? Often, passengers don’t know they’re entitled to seek and collect compensation from the “at-fault” driver’s insurance as a third party. There may be an instance where you can file against both insurance companies.

Headaches After a Car Accident: Can I Still Make a Claim?

moderate or severe headache

Anyone involved in a serious car accident should immediately seek medical attention. Sometimes the seriousness of injuries isn’t apparent for several days. That headache you developed after the car accident may be an indication of something much more severe than a tension headache.

What If the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have Enough Insurance?

Teenagers driving

Car insurance is necessary because car accidents happen every day. It is the primary reason motorists have car insurance. But what happens when the driver at-fault is underinsured? The reality is that some accidents are more severe than others, which can result in more serious injuries. Unfortunately, even though Maine law requires motor vehicle operators… Read more »

3 Dangerous Types of Car Accidents

uber car accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, victims or their loved ones should consult with a car accident lawyer to help them make informed decisions and, more importantly, to make sure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

Off Road Safety Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

two people riding an atv

ATVing is one of the country’s more popular pastimes. With it comes a responsibility by every driver to prevent ATV accidents from occurring. With a significant decrease in ATV-related emergency department-treated injuries from 2017 to 2018: dropping from an estimated 93,800 in 2017 down to 81,800 in 2018.

3 Steps to Keep Motorcyclists Safe in Maine

motorcycle at sunset

While the rush of summer’s busy highways and tourist-filled roads may be coming to an end, there are still plenty of beautiful days for motorcyclists to head out for a joy ride. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be some of the most dangerous and deadly ones, any time of year. At Hardy, Wolf & Downing, we… Read more »

Most Dangerous Roads in Maine

maine car accident lawyers

With Maine traffic at its peak during the summer months, the Maine car accident lawyers of Hardy, Wolf and Downing wish to remind all drivers to exercise more caution and raise their safety awareness while on the road. With more people on the roadways, you should be careful of other drivers, be aware of road… Read more »