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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do I Need a Personal Injury Specialist?

Won’t My Family Lawyer Do?

We live in an age of specialization. You would use a surgeon for surgery, not a family doctor. You should also use a specialist for your injury claim.

These are the reasons:

  • The law is very complicated. It’s impossible to be competent in every area of law. We at Hardy Wolf and Downing do not handle the contract, patent, corporate or estate matters. We refer them to specialists in those fields.
  • Personal injury lawyers must know the medical terms, diagnoses, treatments, outcomes and the effects of all that on clients’ lives. That is learned through specific training and experience no one gets in law school. For example, a spinal/head injury may require a knowledge of neuropsychological, neurological and orthopedic terms. Knowing the difference between spondylolisthesis and a ruptured nucleus pulposis is totally essential to effectively represent a spine-injured client. At Hardy Wolf and Downing, we’ve handled THOUSANDS of spinal cord injury cases, spent hundreds of hours in deposition and consultation with neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and neuropsychologists and done our homework. That type of knowledge may be the difference between a million dollar and a $ 50,000 result on the same case.
  • Lawyers at Hardy Wolf and Downing regularly attend seminars in personal injury law, evidence and medical-legal issues. We also speak at those seminars as experts in personal injury law.
  • Insurance companies will only pay top dollar to those who can beat them. They know the difference between the well-meaning family lawyer who does wills, estates and occasional personal injury matters and Hardy Wolf and Downing, experts in personal injury. They count on the inexperienced lawyer to sooner or later make a mistake or mistakes which will diminish the value of your case. They pay our clients.
  • We have been through it so many times, you will immediately feel at ease and be told what to expect every step of the way. Knowing your lawyer has litigated hundreds of cases similar to yours is very reassuring.
  • Your doctor may be required to testify about your injuries. Experienced counsel can also put the doctor at ease and in the best position to help your case. He or she will be asked all the right questions courteously and professionally and not have to sit around while an inexperienced lawyer stumbles through his first neurosurgical deposition. Experience counts.

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